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Welcome to the HOUSE OF NOW. A place for you to discover ancient gemstones, the philosophy of the now, and try out cutting-edge technology to bring you greater balance and wellbeing. Don’t miss a moment.

Basement: The Gemstone Garden

Discover our collection of breathtaking natural gemstones. Formed over thousands to hundreds of millions of years, they represent nature’s patience and may give you a new perspective on time.

1st Floor: Front Desk

Meet the NOWATCH and find your very own configuration. NOWATCH is a cutting-edge tech device to help you live with greater balance so you can enjoy the benefits of wellbeing and truly celebrate every moment.

2nd Floor: Senses Room

Climb our 375 year old winding staircase to our oath to earth: the green climes of creation. Let your senses be seduced.

3rd Floor: De-Stress Pod

Journey further upwards for the unique experience of a scientifically proven pod which can instantly wash away stress and recharge you with energy, focus and mental balance.

4th Floor: Cold Bath Breathing

Make it up to the very top, if you dare. You can discover how cold therapy can have a positive effect on your physical and mental wellbeing in our very own top-of-the-range ice tub.

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